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North Island text
Map of New Zealand

What We Have Planned For Ya! 


Get your riding gear ready for an epic 2 to 3 night motorcycle adventure, mate!

We have sorted out a wicked series of rides that'll let you soak up the very best of the North Island

Get ready to rip it along the epic coastlines! We'll take you on a stunning tour along the edge of New Zealand, cruisin' those coastal roads that'll blow your jandals off. Picture this - the sparkling ocean as your backdrop, sandy beaches stretching for miles, and cliffs that'll have ya bloody breathless. 

Brace yourself for a bloody lush forest adventure! Cruise through winding gravel roads, where towering trees block out the blaring sun and the vibrant greenery surrounds ya. It's all about the tranquility and serenity of nature, my bro. 


And, no way you can skip the North Island's epic geothermal wonders, mate! Get ready to feel the raw power and beauty of the Earth's fury as we check out the Central North Island lakes and hot springs, crazy geysers, and other mind-blowing natural phenomena. 

Dive right in... and check out our weekender selections below... with all you need to know packed into each section for your reading pleasure! Do one, or do them all! 

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Beaches, Gravel Roads, Lush Rainforest.

Comomandel loop text
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One Trip To Rule Them All.

Cape Reinga Lighthouse
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Epic Coast Lines, Ancient Kauri Forests, And The Lone Lighthouse! 

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New Zealand's geothermal wonders
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Our Lakes And Volcanos! 

Geothemal Wonders Text
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