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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is required?

The weekender rides can be explored in 2 or 3 days (1 or 2 nights). Each Weekender is a section of New Zealand that can be explored over a weekend. Whether you have one night or two, we can set up a route plan to suite. If you want to do the entire North and South Islands in one go, we can make that happen also! 

How fast can I expect to see epic landscapes?

Most rides will have you riding through twisty forest roads, and alongside expansive ocean views before your first cafe stop for brunch. If you are doing Coromandel, then it’s coastal roads most of the way up to Coromandel Town on the first day. The only ride that has Highway in the first day is the Hobbotin / Waitomo Tour. But that places you in a great spot to explore some twits rain forest roads and / or gravel adventure roads through to raglan. Each weekender is special in its own right.

I am not very tall, do you have bikes for shorter riders?

Absolutely! We have a lowered Triumph Tiger 800 that has a 800mm seat height. We set this up for the shorter riders among us. If this is out, we can find something else that suits ya!

What If I am still a bit nervous on the road?

​Then I wouldn’t recommend the gravel sections and ask that you are accompanied by a more experienced rider. The gravel section needs to be taken slowly and with confidence. The Highway sections are fairly easy riding as long as you look out for the single lane bridges, and take it easy around the corners. 

I am on my restricted license, can I still hire a bike?

Yes. This can be done. But it’s on a case by case basis, and also depends on how long you have had your full car driver's license for, and what your age is. These factors will affect the insurance excess charged. Let us know and we will do our best to help you get out there! ​

Do I need to be skilled rider to make the most of these tours?

To get the best out of each weekend adventure, you should be well familiar with basic handling skills, and comfortable riding through normal traffic, and country settings and highway speeds. The routes cover some residential, urban, rural and highway environments. 

Do you have accomodation options other than camping?

​Yes, each weekender ride has multiple accomodation options along the way. Our camping setups allow riders to get more rural and explore the roads less traveled. Often times a combination of both is a good way to see the country. But we can defiantly help plan and book cabins, motels, or hotels.  ​​

Will you be releasing more trips for South Island?

Yes, we can’t wait to offer South Island Routes and weekend escapes! We plan to be there next summer. 

What kind of support can I get if I am stuck?

We have AA roadside assistance on call. A second option is to give us a call, and I’ll come out with a trailer to pick you and the bike up. Either way we’re here to get you out of the situation as soon as possible. 

I have done a motorcycle tour before, is this the same thing?

If you have done a guided tour through Vietnam or something similar than this is a little different... as it’s a self guided tour. Which means you won’t have a guide, but you do get mapped routes set up on Google maps for your convenience. We also know each tour and can let you know what to expect. This makes it a lot more affordable. If you would prefer a guide, let me know! For an extra fee, I’d love to go riding with you. 

Is everything available immediately?

Yes. Once you purchase the experience, you will receive an email from Patrick with your link to the mapped routes and a rundown of the ride. Then turn up on the morning of your ride to collect your bikes and make tracks!

Do I need a special program to access the maps?

You can access the maps on Google Maps or on a gps. I recommend downloading the maps once on Google so that you can access it without using data or wifi. As some of this section will not have phone reception. 

Can I share the maps with a friend?

​The routes and the maps are not original works, as the maps have been public since ages ago. So we don’t have copyright on them. But we have spent countless hours plotting the routes on Google maps for your convenience. A friendly referral or shoutout on your social media would mean a lot to us. 

What if its not what I expected?

Then don't sweat it! We have our Moto Guarantee! If you’re not 100% satisfied with the ease of navigating the routes... the quality of the bike or camp gear included in the “Weekender Packages” after 30 days, I will offer you a full refund, rider’s honour.

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