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How To Build
Pro Skills Faster! 

A Nut-and-Bolt Guide To Building The Rider's Skill Set

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Meet Patrick Rankin

Ki ora, Moto Mates! The name's Patrick Rankin, and I'm stoked to be your guide and instructor for this online course on Learning Motorcycle Control FAST! Like a lot of you, my journey with bikes kicked off as a kid... My version of that story includes a 50cc Honda Cub and tropical off road adventures in Apia, Samoa.


Riding in traffic at higher speeds is a different story! I started out as a very nervous rider on the roads until I did my first Ride Forever Course... Then I was hooked! So I joined IAM Road Smart, and I was able to make some progress through this learning curve... which I am still on! 


It was through this learning curve that I realised there were several key points in the training system that could have fast-tracked my journey, if I had understood them sooner..  Im a slow learner! 


To help other riders gain these essential riding skills faster! I have broken down the skill set into its individual nuts-and bolts... and laid them out in simple learning modules. Starting with the foundation skills, and building on them one ride at a time... Just like building LEGO using the manual!

I'm bloody excited to be apart of your motorcycle training journey, and I can't wait to see you thrive as a skilled and responsible rider. Let's get stuck in eh?

In this course we will cover

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