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New Zealand's beautiful mountain ranges
Motorcycle Helmet with wings
Welcome to New Zealand text

The Land of Epic Motorcycle Adventures!

See the best New Zealand has to offer on two wheels... without putting in days of planning and mapping routes... 


We have the best routes plotted out on google maps!

All the campsite equipment and secret spots are sorted!

And your adventure bike is packed and ready to go! 


Book your Motorcycle Weekend Experience now, and get a whole lot of bonuses for a limited time!

Get instant access below!

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Introducing the...

Moto New Zealand Weekender


This is especially setup for motorcyclists wanting to get away for the weekend!

You want to get away, but you're exhausted from googling the best rental bikes... finding the right touring routes... planing what camp gear to take... and deciding where to book accomodation...  

…while still not finding the right bike... qualified maps... picturesque locations... and you have no idea where to start with light and compact motorcycle camp gear or booking accomodation.  

Stop looking for hacks to solve your kiwi motorcycle touring  problems!

I was faced with the same questions five years ago.... I wanted to see all of New Zealand on two wheels... but the problem was that... I needed the right bike... I needed light weight and compact camp gear, and most importantly... I needed the best routes and awesome places to stay so that I could recharge my soul! ... and get some great photos and social media content. 


If you're like me... trying to balance your riding dreams, with family life and a full time job... then you will understand how easy it can be for your motorcycle dreams... to be just that..... DREAMS! 


Five years later... I had mapped out the best routes for both North and South Island... and I explored them one weekend at a time. Through that process, I had refined my camping gear right down to the essentials. And I tweaked my bike to handle both tarmac and gravel so that I could get to the more remote areas!    


Imagine having these resources! It will be so much easier to find these coveted motorcycle routes, and it will dramatically reduce the time it takes for you to explore the best landscapes of New Zealand!

I have created the Weekender Package which includes the essential FOUR things that you are missing in your motorcycle tour planing.


I've handpicked the bikes, selected the camping equipment, chosen the most stunning locations, and mapped out some amazing routes... Just bring your togs, and your riding gear!

 Experiencing New Zealand on two wheels has never been this easy!

Triumph Tiger 900 Ralley Pro Hire Bike
Tornado7 Kitchen ware
3 Man tent for hire
Tornado7 Gas burner
Quality sleeping mat
Down sleeping bag

What's Included...

An Adventure Bike.

(set up to explore the best of New Zealand's Tarmac and Gravel roads)

The best routes through  sealed roads. 

(Immerse yourself in the experience, and leave the  route planning to us. You will ride though lush forest and sunny costal roads with expansive ocean views, twisty corners and rural towns)


Mapped routes along unsealed roads.

(Enjoy the thrill of riding through the rugged natural beauty of rural New Zealand gravel roads. Have the confidence in knowing that you're not lost!) 


A camping kit packed for two 

(Which includes a three person tent, mats, sleeping bags, and a campers kitchen equiped with a burner, pot'n pan and a jet boil to get your hot cuppa, while your meal is on the main cooker... PLUS much more!)


Accomodation / Campsite Bookings.

(Just turn up to your campsite and register with the campsite office. The gravel route campsites are tent only. If camping in a tent is not your thing, most other campsites we use have cabins. Let us know in advance, and we will book one for you)


A daily ride plan.

(We will let you know where the best places are to camp, eat, get fuel and activities to do when you are not making tracks on two wheels)


If the weather turns bad... 

stay at camp until it’s clear enough to ride.

(We won’t mind if your late back due to bad weather. Safety first! (The adventure route on this trip is pretty remote, so play it safe and take it slow. You will have an epic time)


Breakdown and roadside assistance. 

(There’s a number on the lid of your topbox for AA road side assist. Or call us and we will sort you out in a jiffy)


Emergency Kit

(Each bike has a First Aid Kit, Battery Jump-starter and a Tire Puncture Repair Kit.

You are just a click away

from epic adventures where you can relax, recharge, and make unforgettable memories in style.

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